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Yvonne Lu

Yvonne Lu (born 1987) is a digital designer with art director experience. With a career spanning over 16 years, she has garnered extensive experience working across agency as well as brand environments. Yvonne possesses leadership skills, having led small teams, alongside a keen ability to engage in hands-on design work. Additionally, Yvonne has received recognition for her strong organisational skills, collaborative spirit, and flexibility.

Digital Designer
Yvonne Lu
Yvonne Lu in 2021
Yvonne in 2021
Occupation Freelance Designer
HQ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Areas served Worldwide
Years active 2008-Present
Services UI, UX, brand design, art direction, illustration, animation
Works in Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects
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Yvonne was born in a small town in southern Sweden. In upper secondary school she chose media orientation and briefly considered studying radio science afterwards. However, uncertain about radio’s future prospects (this was the pre-podcast era) she instead opted for the Graphic Design and Typography course at Malmö University. Then she learned about a nontraditional digital creative business school focusing on experiential learning rather than homework, prompting her to apply and secure admission.

Hyper Island

In August of 2007, Yvonne moved to Karlskrona, Sweden to study Digital Media at Hyper Island. The inaugural year of her program comprised various modules featuring presentations and assignments by international industry experts, structured in the form of briefs. Students were organized into teams for each module, encouraged to take on different roles such as designer, developer, and project manager. Teamwork and problem-solving were the primary learning outcomes from the initial phase of the education.


In August 2008, Yvonne relocated to New York City for a nine-month design internship, but later extended to a full year. She joined Last Exit LLC, where she extensively utilized Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for web and print design projects. Her responsibilities encompassed conceptualization and illustration tasks, catering to clients including Vespa U.S.A. and Piaggio.

In the autumn of 2009, after spending a year in New York, she decided that moving somewhere warmer than Sweden was the best option. Therefore, the Netherlands seemed like a logical next step.


In Amsterdam, Yvonne began her career as an Experience Designer at the international digital agency Blast Radius. There, she flourished while working alongside fellow creatives and technologists on various projects, such as the NIVEA website and various campaign sites for Tommy Hilfiger and Pantene. In 2010, she was one of 20 selected young creatives from international agencies to attend a week-long Cannes Lions workshop by P&G.


In 2011, Yvonne left her job to begin freelancing. This change allowed her to collaborate with various types of agencies and design studios, aligning with her desire to constantly explore new opportunities and expand her expertise. Highlights of workplaces include:


Between 2012 and 2018, Yvonne worked on various campaign sites for clients such as Philips, C&A, Tommy Hilfiger, and MINI at AKQA. One of the more recent collaborations occurred in 2018, involving the reimagination of the Intersport e-commerce site during three weeks sprints. The design team was close-knit, comprising an art director, a UX designer, and a UI designer (Yvonne), with roles overlapping in collaboration. This experience proved invaluable for working efficiently and solving problems quickly.

Studio Dumbar

The Dutch insurance company a.s.r. launched their new website around 2016 featuring a prominent smart chat bot, developed by Studio Dumbar. In close collaboration with the studio’s UX designers, art director, and the a.s.r. sprint team, she helped design the UI for the 14 page templates and web design system. Yvonne continued her collaboration with the studio on a couple of more occasions as a UX/UI designer, for the insurance company Amersfoortse and the D&AD festival website.

Your Majesty

Between 2015 to 2018, Yvonne worked on several projects with the agency.

One such project involved Wordeo, an iOS app transforming text into personalized video messages. Your Majesty was brought in to accelerate the brand identity, visual direction, interaction design and technical execution of the startup Wordeo. Serving as the lead designer under the supervision of the art director, Yvonne contributed to the development of wireframes, user flow, and designs for the app, website, newsletters, and marketing materials. Wordeo garnered recognition as the App Store's 'Best New App' and 'Editor's Choice' in the UK and Sweden in 2014.

For V&A Dundee, Scotland’s first design museum, Your Majesty created their brand new online presence, a family site of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. After the design explorations were completed, Yvonne played a key role in producing over 10 responsive page templates for the website. All site components and styles were organised into a unified design library to facilitate seamless usability and accommodate future growth.


In 2016, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album Lemonade and Yvonne began venturing into the brand side of the industry.


Over the course of a two-year period at adidas (Studio A, formerly DCS), she led designs for branches like Training, Tennis, and Outdoor, creating digital toolkits for the EMEA market. These would include execution of campaign webpages, CRM, and social media.


Between 2016-2018, Yvonne worked at Uber brand department. There she mainly worked in After Effects, setting in motion the concepts and designs for various campaigns and toolkits.

Collect by WeTransfer

A visual created for a notification dialogue, in the WeTransfer mobile app
A visual created for a notification dialogue, in the WeTransfer mobile app

In 2019, Yvonne was appointed to design a marketing webpage using Webflow for the Collect app by WeTransfer. The collaboration with the team proved to be highly compatible and continued until the product design was put on hold. The Collect app allows users to save all kinds of file types onto visual boards across iOS, iPadOS, Android, and desktop platforms. Within the product design team, Yvonne primarily concentrated on branding. In addition to her work on the rebrand in 2020, she was responsible for creating a range of assets, including empty state, how-to animations, marketing materials, webpages, and physical merchandise.


Cineville offers a membership that grants unlimited access to independent cinemas for a fixed monthly fee in the Netherlands and Belgium. Together with Cineville's graphic designer, Yvonne designed the UX and UI across 14 responsive pages. Additionally, she set up a comprehensive and scalable Figma library featuring modular components and styles. The main challenge was enhancing the clarity of information hierarchy within the existing framework. The primary challenge involved enhancing the clarity of information hierarchy within the existing framework. To address this, we introduced a wider range of colors, sizes, and the use of appropriate white space.


In addition to her involvement in the development of a campaign website alongside Studio, the brand team at WeTransfer, Yvonne supported the design team of the file sharing service’s mobile app between 2021 and 2023, contributing to both product and branding design work.

Code d'Azur

Code d'Azur created the digital rebranding for Odido, formerly known as T-Mobile in the Netherlands. Yvonne supported the team by setting up consistent and scalable digital design systems and art direction for an extensive icon set.

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Odido / code d'azur

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Collect by WeTransfer

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V&A Dundee / Your Majesty

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Intersport / AKQA

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a.s.r. / Studio Dumbar

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"I had the pleasure of working with Yvonne. She is the to-go person for outstanding illustrations and animations. On top of that, she is also very collaborative, sociable and fun. Looking forward to meeting her again in new professional challenges!"
Alessandro Mautone, Android Lead Engineer at WeTransfer

"I've had the pleasure of working with Yvonne on several projects and she is among my top picks for whenever we need digital design power. She's organized and has a great balance between ux thinking and strong visual expression. On top of that she is a fun and friendly team player who easily fit in into any stellar production team. I will definitely work with Yvonne again."
Georgios Athanassiadis, Managing Partner at Your Majesty

"I worked with Yvonne on several projects and it was always very pleasant to work with her. Yvonne is an excellent Designer and I can always rely on her to deliver great work in the agreed schedule. She's organised, she has great attention to details and last but not least, she's a nice, easy going and fun person! When I'm looking for a Designer, Yvonne is definitely on the top of my list!"
Julie Demers, Associate Programme Director at AKQA

"I worked with Yvonne while we were both at Blast Radius and later, when searching for a lead designer at Minivegas, I was overjoyed that she agreed to join. We worked very closely together for the following year and I can honestly say that there were no negatives. Yvonne is a really talented designer who is always up to date on the latest trends in tech, design, UX and Beyonce. She is incredibly informed and passionate about what’s happening around her and she applies that to her work. Her understanding of UX and designing for digital means that everything she does is considered, smart and well-organised. She’s a true pleasure to be around and always guaranteed to make at least one inappropriate remark every day - often in emoji form. I am already jealous of the next person who hires her."
Andrew Watson, Freelance Creative Director